About ME

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Sexual Experience
I was a swinger. I've done it all. Orgies, gangbangs, girl on girl, threesomes... but my real passion is bestiality. And I have found the perfect little partner...
Favorite Animals
Do I Swallow?
Why, of COURSE I do. ;) All ladies do!
Bestiality, you silly boy. But I also am a voyeur. I LOVE knowing there are guys jerking off to me getting fucked by "woman's best friend!"
Ultimate Fantasy
You are about to witness it. I got my puppy, Patrice, at the perfect age to train him to do whatever I want. And I want you to see it all.
Favorite Movies:
Old Yeller. Air Bud. Benji. A Dog's Love. LOL!!

I am a true animal lover. There are some sites and girls out there that are garbage. I know the difference. I have seen it all. And there are some girls that really do enjoy fucking and sucking animal cocks. But for me, it is more than sex. I really love my little pooch. Patrice is still just a puppy, but he's already well on his way to being the Ron Jeremy of bestiality porn! And this isn't just hardcore animal sex. Yes, there is PLENTY of that, but my site is about my relationship with my dog. You will see it all, from the first time I slipped that red dick into my mouth all the way to me training him to penetrate every hole, and you get to see what our life is like together.

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Interesting Facts

Some Details About Me

I am 5'9". Taller than the average girl... there is nothing average about me.
I weight 107 pounds. I run with Patrice every day to stay in shape, and to bond with him. I just make sure I don't get him TOO tired!
My breasts are real and full. I stay in shape, so they don't sag. There's nothing like a little pink doggy tongue licking my tits to keep them nice and moist and soft.
I was born in the Year of the Dog according to the Chinese
calendar. And this year I bought myself the perfect gift... would you like to see me play with him? ;)
Best Asset:
Guys love my tight butt & long legs. And of course they love it when i wear short skirts to show them off :)
Zodiac Sign:
I’m a Gemini & I’m affectionate, courteous, kind, generous, and thoughtful towards other people
Favorite Food:
Mine? Sushi. Patrice? Well... aside from my wet pussy, he LOVES a nice bone. Then again, who doesn't??
Favorite Sex Position:
Do you REALLY need to ask??? DOGGY STYLE! Of course ;)

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My Dream

To have a dog that loves me, in every way. To have a strong pup that fulfills my every emotional and sexual need. To get fucked by my pooch every day. To suck his hard wet cock and drink his hot cum every morning. To come home to him waiting at the door. To play with him. To love him and have him love me. To live a zoo lover's life to the fullest, in every moment and with everything I do. To grow old with my furry best friend. And to have YOU watch us all along the way... help me make my dream come true!

Please join my site now & help me fulfill my dream